Rescue Pumper and Fire House

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The South Bay Fire Department exists for one reason: Your Safety. When you call 911, we're the folks who show up. Fire, medical emergency or any type of rescue. We are your neighbors, we live or work in South Bay, and we are volunteers. If you have a fire or other emergency we'll be there; we know from experience that every minute counts. Please consider what this service is worth when you contemplate what to donate.

Maintaining an effective volunteer fire department isn't cheap. Although we receive no salary, we have equipment costs, facility costs and personnel outfitting and training costs. Outfitting a new firefighter is approximately $3,500, plus training. We recently purchased a new vehicle for $30,000. In a couple of years we must replace one of our fire engines, a cost that may well exceed $400,000. Your continued support is vital for us to sustain a responsive department.

Please give generously.
$25 would be equivalent to just fifty cents a week - $50 would be equivalent to $1 a week.
$100 is $2 a week. How much is your safety worth? Please give what you can.

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South Bay Fire Department
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